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We walked down the hallway down to where Kaioshin was staying when we were met by his overzealous body guard. "There you are! Where did you go?" He seemed almost frantic. Kaioshin tried to answer, "Don't-" "I was holding him for ransom," I interjected. "Apparently nobody got my message, so I got tired of waiting, gave up, and came back." Again, Kibito looked annoyed with me. "For how much?" Kaioshin asked. I thought for moment, "A turkey and swiss sandwich, with honey mustard." "That's all I'm worth?" "Well I am hungry. I'm gonna go see if I can make me one of those. You want to get something?" "I don't eat, Caspiel." "You should, considering how little you are." I grabbed his wrist and dragged him to the kitchen. I poked around the cabinets until I found a loaf of Italian bread, and I grabbed some turkey, some swiss, and some honey mustard out of the refrigerator. Kaioshin was already at the table, eating some rolls filled with vegetables. "Can't you just materialize it?" He asked after swallowing a bite. I shrugged I liked to make food. A frustrated look came over his face again. I cut the loaf in half, put the slices of turkey and cheese on it, and spread the honey mustard on the top piece of bread. I sat down at the table, when Dende walked in. "Where did you two go? We couldn't feel your energy for hours and Kibito almost had a stroke." I swallowed, "Damn, we should stayed away longer; maybe he would have actually had one." Kaioshin shot me a look. I chuckled, "Seriously, how do you put up with that? I'd go crazy if I didn't get some me time." "I was completely alone until he showed up, I welcome his company." He answered. "Caspiel, you never answered me…" Dende spoke up. "You're right, I didn't." I took another bite. "You're not going to tell me, are you?" "You're a smart one, Dende. No wonder they made you Guardian." I said with a mouth full of food.

"Caspiel!" Trunks and Goten yelled, running into the room. They darted past Dende and ran up to me. They were 15 and 13 years old now, still little kids in my eyes. "Hey guys, how'd you find me?" "Gohan said you were up here." Trunks said. "Were not bothering you, are we?" Goten asked "No," I shook my head, "You guys never bother me. Did you guys want something?" "Umm," Goten looked down. "Say it, Goten." Trunks told his friend. "We were wondering if you would train with us." I was dumbfounded. "Don't you normally train with Gohan and Vegeta? And why so nervous about asking me?" "Well," Goten began, Trunks continued "My mom said you were a demon." "And my mom said we shouldn't train with you but we were just wondering." Goten finished. I was still dumbfounded. "Caspiel acts nothing like a demon." Kaioshin said. I tuned to my friend in surprise. "She was descendent from one, but that doesn't mean she's evil like one." The teens both stopped looking nervous. "You…Were actually scared of me?" "Well, can we train with you?" Trunks asked. "Ya, of course. Just let me finish eating." "Okay! We'll be out there!" Goten said excitedly, and ran outside with trunks.

I got up and threw my sandwich in the trash. "Are you okay?" Dende asked me. I sat back down without answering him. Kaioshin got an extremely frustrated look on his face. 'They… were scared of me… I would never hurt them…' "What's wrong?" Kaioshin almost demanded. "It's…" I shook my head, trying to shake off this feeling. "Hey, want to help?" I asked. He blinked, "I guess I could, but didn't they ask you?" "They won't mind, if I tell them who you are, they'll probably want to train with you." "I guess I could. I have gotten stronger since the last time we talked." "Awesome," I stood up, and started walking outside, and my friend followed. "Come on, Caspiel." Is it just me, or is Trunks more impatient in his teenage years? "I'm coming, hold on." A small part of me was flattered, they want to train with me, even though they could easily best me if they fused, and went Super Saiyan 3… I hope they don't do that. "Are you training with us, Mr. Shin?" Goten asked. "I think I'll just watch." "What, are you scared?" Trunks taunted. He's gotten cockier since I last saw him. Still, I couldn't help but grin at his comment. "You just got dissed by a 15 year old boy; you gotta save your manhood now." I told him. "No I don't." "Well, I guess you would be scared since we almost killed Buu, and he beat you to a pulp." Kaioshin got an offended look on his face. This kid was asking for it. "Keep in mind, Trunks; it was Gotenks who almost killed Majin Buu, not you. So lose the attitude before I make you eat it." I said, crossing my arms. "I could still beat him, even like this." Trunks replied. "Alright, you cocky little half-breed," I said. "Let's make a bet. You guys play video games right?" I already knew they didn't. "My mom says we can't afford it." Goten said. "My dad says they're a waste of time." I had seen them at the arcade before, "If you 2 can beat me and him, I will buy you guys an Xbox and all the games you want, and you can come to my house and play it whenever you want, so Vegeta can't say anything." A huge smile spread over Goten's face, and Trunks asked, "What are the rules?" "No fusion and you can only go super saiyen 2. The rules from the tournament work just fine I think." I turned to Kaioshin, "That sound good to you?" He shrugged, "I suppose so." Trunks quickly agreed, "Alright, sounds fair." Without warning, both of them jumped into the air and came straight for me. I blocked a few punches, and then my friend got Goten's attention and away from me. Trunks and I fought for a few minutes before he powered up to super saiyen. I still wasn't using my full power, which caused me to smirk. Trunks noticed and quickly powered up to super saiyen 2. Trunks became nothing but a barrage of punches and kicks, but I could somewhat keep up. I honestly haven't been doing much training lately, I figured I could leave the protecting of Earth to the Saiyens, but I forgot about protecting myself. I really needed this. After about 7 minutes of fighting we backed up from each other for a breather, we were both panting heavily. I looked over and saw Goten and Kaioshin going at it, Kaioshin had really improved. I found myself staring for a few seconds, a big mistake. Trunks foot connected with jaw, sending me flying into one the palm trees. Intead of snapping, it bent when I hit it and sent me flying back, right into Kaioshin. I managed to get to my hands and knees, with him right underneath.

I froze, unable to move, nor really wanting to. For just a moment, I wanted to kiss him. The next moment, I wanted to have a case of déjà vu. I loved it when he looked like that, sweating, beaten… Vulnerable. "Hey, you two have been down 10 seconds, we win!" Goten's voice pulled me back to sanity. I jumped up, embarrassed about being on top of him so long. I felt my cheeks grow hot again. "Alright, we won. Come on, lets go get some games." Trunks said. "You two go ahead, we'll catch up in a minute." Kaioshin said. "Okay, West City Mall, right Caspiel?" Trunks asked. "Uhh, ya." 'Why does Kaioshin want to stay behind?' I remembered the thoughts I had while I was on top of him. 'He can't know what I thought; the necklace would stop that…' I reached to hold it, but I couldn't find it. It must have fallen off. My blood ran cold. He knew what I was thinking. He knew about that dream now too, wonderful. Goten and Trunks flew off, and Kaioshin turned to me. "Caspiel…" Oh boy, here we go. "I noticed you're thoughts and… I honestly think we're better off as friends." Hmm. Not quite the lambasting I had expected. Maybe he was right. One of the good things about having a friend who could read your mind is you don't have explain everything in words. "I think you're right about that, and sorry you had hear that. I can't really help it." "I know, you think you're the only one with thoughts like that? Try having mind reading ability's around Elder Kai." "No, thank you." He smiled at me. "Come on, before those two get too far ahead of us." He took off into the air. I looked around for the necklace, I saw and walked over and picked it up. I took off into the air and slipped on the necklace. I finally had an answer to my age old question.

Or, at least I thought I got my answer. Darker thoughts started creeping into my psyche, as they always did. We caught up to Trunks and Goten, maybe one of them could help get my mind of this. It couldn't be healthy for me. "Hey Goten, what have you and your family been doing lately?" "My dad's been training with me and Gohan's with Videl most of the time." "Shocking." "Yeah, it's been pretty fun having my dad back." "Your mom doesn't make you study?" "Well, ya. After training with dad she makes me study some." 'Hm, wonder why she laid off with him. She seemed rather strict with his brother when he was young.' "What about you, Trunks? Anything going on besides your training?" He turned and looked at me. "Mom's been teaching me about Capsule Corp, she said I'll be running it someday." "Hm." I tried to display some interest. About 5 minutes pass of dead silence. I really didn't want to think of the problem at hand, but what else could I do?

"Caspiel?" Goten asked. 'Oh thank Jiminy Cricket.' "How come you and Mr. Shin are hanging out?" "Why are you and Trunks?" My response seemed to catch him off guard. "Well, we friends." "There you go." "But, why are you friends to begin with?" Trunks asked. 'Good question.' "Well, you guys don't this, but me him have been friends since we were about 16 years old, and I'm… How old now?" "Several million." Kaioshin answered. "So, how did you guys become friends?" 'What the hell is this? 20 questions?' "I was bored and he showed up looking like a descent punching bag." "That's not how it happened." Kaioshin said. "Well, you tell the story then." "Alright, I was walking around Demon Realm one day, and I ran into her. She didn't seem like the other demons so I started to hang around her." "We both wanted something different, we tired of the norm." I added. "So, is he the reason your good, Caspiel?" "Yes, because of him I'm the goody two shoes you see before you." He raised an eyebrow at me. "Okay, 'good' is pushing it, but yes, he helped me become a somewhat decent person." "What do mean, 'good is pushing it'?" Goten asked. "Whether or not I like it, I'm still part Makaioshin, and thus have a devilish side to me. But, at least I'm not blowing up cities; you can thank him for that."

We landed in front of the mall and walked in. Heads turned as we went about our business, and a couple security guards whispered to one another. My large ears picked up that they were worried about a group of teens in the mall. 'Hm, teenagers. I'll take that as a compliment.' We walked into one of the gaming stores, and Trunks ran over and grabbed an Xbox and brought it to me, then ran off with Goten to look for games. 'This must be a taste of motherhood. Wonder if I'll ever get to fully experience it? Probably not.' I looked over at my friend, who appeared to be in a bit of… Discomfort. "Something wrong? I asked. "Remember how I told you; you weren't the only one with thoughts like that?" "Oh ya. Can't you just stop reading people's minds?" "It's like people talking for me. Also, I'm not very fond of crowds." "Join the club. There's a reason I live in a desert." I saw Trunks and Goten run in line, so I followed behind them. "$600.21, please." The cashier said. I slipped my hand into my hoodie and materialized the 7 hundred dollar bills, then handed them to him. "Keep the change."

"Thank you, Caspiel!" Goten beamed. "Why are you thanking her? We won this." Trunks said. "Trunks has a point, it's only far." I said, walking around the mall with hands folded on the back of my head. "Hey, do think we could get something to eat while we're here? Like, at the food court." "If I do, that would deserve a thank you. Besides, I'm kind of hungry too, I didn't get finish my sandwich."

We jumped in line at a pizza restaurant. "What should we got on it?" Goten asked. "Let's get anchovies." Trunks suggested. "Uh…No. Let's not. I hate anchovies." "Hey, we were in line ahead of you!" Some stranger said to me. I didn't bother turning to look at him. "If you said that right when we walked up, I'd be more inclined to belive you." "Are you giving my son trouble?" 'I swear, I've heard that voice before.' It was one of those voices that grated your nerves. I turned and saw it was the woman that tried to turn in Trunks when Babidi was looking for him. 'Oh, I've been waiting to run into you,'. Wait, if she was rich, what was she doing in a pizza place? "Fallen on hard times?" I smirked. "My son wanted to eat here. Now, if you would be so kind as to move." Bringing up what she did would be pointless, it was erased from her memory. So, I lacked an excuse to kill her. "That's not likely to happen." "I was here first, freak!" "Don't talk to my friend like that!" I pointed at Kaioshin, who gave me a look, and shook his head. "Do you even know who I am?" The woman asked. "A woman who's ego's even larger than her ass?" Her face was turning red, but I was still having fun. "Why don't you move before things get ugly?" The boy threatened. "You mom's already here, how much uglier can things get?" He threw a punch in retaliation, but I moved my head before it made contact. "Are you sure that's a good idea?" I asked. He threw another punch and I dodged it as easily as the last. The only reason I hadn't sent this kid flying was, I was kind of hungry, and I didn't want to get thrown out of the mall. I lowered my head to look out the top of my eyes. "How about you run along before I bust your skull open?" I threatened, dropping my voice for intimidation. "You wouldn't-" I flashed my sharp fangs and hissed at him. He ran away screaming, and his mother followed. "I thought he'd never leave." Trunks said. "I was getting nervous there for a second." Kaioshin said. "What? Afraid I'd disembowel him?" "I would have expected you to retaliate when he got violent." "The first to throw a punch admits he lost the argument." "You're not the pacifist type," "I found that quote in a book once."

We got our pizza and sat down at one of the booths, Trunks and Goten on one side of it and Kaioshin and I on the other. We got peperoni, sausage, olives and extra cheese. I sipped on my soda and eat my slice of pizza while the two teens devoured the rest. Kaioshin sat quietly with a cup of water. I guess he wasn't hungry. "I imagine you don't like me dragging you around like this, you can go back to the lookout if you like." 'What the hell am I saying?' He looked surprised at my offer. "Caspiel, do you remember when you said that we both wanted a break from the norm?" I nodded. "Part of the reason I came to earth was not for my protection, though Kibito heavily suggested it. I mostly wanted an excuse to come see you." I could feel my cheeks grow hot again. "No, you didn't." Part of me had honestly thought he hated me for what I did, with helping create Majin Buu, and killing the other Kaioshin. Did he actually miss me? "Of course I did. You're my friend. You always have been." It sounded like a corny romance scene to me, but it sucked me in like a Mary sue. Dammit, he says he just wants to be friends but he's killing me. I almost leaned in and… 'BURB!' I a loud belch from both Trunks and Goten ripped through my thought bubble. I turned and saw all the pizza was gone. Darn it.


Back at my missile silo, the 2 teens were busy playing the Xbox. Kaioshin and I were on my couch. I was lying on my side, with my head on Kaioshin's lap. I enjoyed watching the 2 teens play, though I was mostly enjoying their company. They were the first people in my home since Bulma finished renovating it. I didn't like people in my space most of the time, but of course there were exceptions. I turned to look up at my friend. "So, do you think Kibito is worried?" I teased him. "I contacted Elder Kai. I told him to tell him not to worry, I'd be back later." "How later?" He shrugged. "When you get tired of my presence, I suppose." "Or you get tired of mine." "You're entertaining to be around. Me, not so much." "That's not true." He gave me a questioning look. "You're fun to tease and make fun of." I smiled. "And you're playful and energetic… Much like a dog." He teased. I took my elbow and drove it into his gut. I sat up, so he could double over. "It wasn't that hard…" I said quietly as winced in pain. "As much as you insult me and I rarely say anything about it…" "Nobody said you can't hit me back." "You're a girl." "That sure a hell doesn't stop my friends or enemies from hitting me!" I laughed at his politeness. I laid back down, this time with my head on the other side of the couch. I put my feet in his lap. "You're not going to make me massage your feet, are you?" "No… But now that you mention it, would pick my toe jam please?" I lifted my foot up to his face. "Caspiel! That's disgusting!" I laughed as he shoved my foot away. "Oh, come on! Pick my toe! You know you want to!" I stuck both me feet it his face. "No I don't! Stop it!" He shoved both me feet off the couch. I sat up, still laughing.

"Hey, there's 4 controllers. You two want to play?" Trunks offered. I thought for a moment. "Sure, what are you playing?" "A racing game." "Alright." I grabbed 2 controllers and handed one to Kaioshin. "I've never played a video game, Caspiel." "You're still young, you can learn. The right trigger is the gas, use the left stick to steer, and you're the fourth player so you'll be the bottom right screen." We got the screen where you get to pick out the car you wanted, and paint it whatever color you want. Trunks picked out a red car with black strips, Goten made a white car with a black strip, mine was black with blue flames, and Kaioshins was… I stared dumbfounded at him when he made his. Trunks and Goten stared at him too. "What?" His car was pink, with blue strips. Wait, no. Not blue, periwinkle! I started to laugh. "I like that color. What's so funny?" The boys were laughing as well. "Think about it, your best friends a girl, you just picked a pink car, and you used to wear earrings. Things make so much sense now, you're gay!" "No, I'm not!" He protested. "You have yet to prove me wrong!" I kept on laughing, he scowled. "Oh, don't really care. I've always wanted a gay friend." "I'm not gay!" "The more you deny it, the more I know it's true!" I knew it wasn't true, but I loved teasing him. "Let's just start the game." He said. I went through 3 laps; Trunks came in 1st, me in 2nd, Goten in 3rd, and Kaioshin in last. We played again, the second time I got 1st, Goten got 2nd, Kaioshin 3rd, and Trunks last. How'd that happen Trunks?" I asked. "You kept pushing me off the road!" I smiled a toothy smile. "Alright, I'm done now." I laid down on the couch. "Quitting while your ahead?" Kaioshin asked. I yawned, "No, I just don't want to embarrass you guys any more than I have to."

I don't remember exactly when I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up, the light was dimmed, and the game controllers were put up neatly. Trunks, Goten, and Kaioshin were gone. Well, I could feel Kaioshin's energy outside the silo. Why was here out there? I got up and stretched. 'Should go get him?' Then my brain hatched a nasty plan. I summoned my sword and sliced open a hole to the library. I ran in, scanned the room for the book I was reading earlier. It was on the table like I left it. I grabbed it and jumped back through the hole before it could close. I had memorized the spell and the ritual with it; I didn't want to get it wrong. I went into my room and opened it up and put it on one of the tables, and started to get the ritual ready.
Oh Caspiel. What trouble are you getting yourself into now? She just can't seem to get away from her demon half. :devil:

Edit: wow, I really need to start proof reading these better.

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I laughed a lot while reading this chapter (:
You really did a great job ;)
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