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Half way to the lookout, I took one of my ear buds out and asked Gohan, "You said Kaioshin needed to speak with me, isn't he fused with Kibito?" I didn't like his new look personally, but at least I didn't have deal with Kibito. "Not anymore, that's one of the strange things that have happened." My curiosity sated, I put my ear bud back in. Gohan might have had more to say, but I didn't really care. I loved my music, and I was also trying to figure out a way to not think about that dream. I knew the second I saw him it would pop into my head. Maybe it's best to try to forget it. I had My Chemical Romance in my ears at the time,

"When I was a young boy, my father took me to the city to see a marching band. He said Son, when you grow up would you be the savior of the broken the beaten and the dammed? He said will you defeat them, your demons and all the non-believers; the plans that they have made because one day I'll leave you, a phantom, to lead you in the summer, to join the black parade."

My mother, when I was with her, always taught me to be a good person, to help all I could. She was a mortal from some far off planet, and a race I don't care to remember the name of. She loved me like any mother would love her child. Maybe even more so, she was told to kill, and burn my body when I was born, or else she would be banished. She was such a strong woman. I was 13 years old when my father, Dabura, came and killed her. She died because I was born, and she refused to kill me. She taught me love, justice, kindness, and that I could be more than what the world said. She believed in me. I miss her so much. I wanted to cry just thinking about her, but crying is something I don't do often. I cried right after I registered in my mind that my mother way dead, my father beat that out of me. He said that if I wasn't strong, I would die. Showing emotions means your weak. It's not completely true, but being taught to be stoic and emotionless for millions of years tends to stick with you.

I saw the lookout, a lot of memory's here. Mostly memories of people wanting to kill us, but memories none the less. "Hey, Caspiel! It's been a long time." Goku greeted me as we landed. 'But, it's only been 4 years.' I thought. "Hey, guys. Now what exactly is going on?" Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo were standing there, then Kaioshin, Kibito, Dende and Mr. Popo walked up. "Hello, Caspiel. It's nice to see you again." Kaioshin said. "Hey!" I chirped as a large smile spread across my face. I turned to Dende and Mr. Popo, "Hey Dende, Mr. Popo." "Hey, Caspiel." Dende smiled. I then turned to the red giant standing next to my best friend, "You're also here." I said, he gave me an annoyed expression. I loved pissing him off. He couldn't do much do much about it since I was much stronger than he was, and his master would not allow him to touch me.

"So what exactly happened that we need to have a meeting about it?" I asked. I wasn't annoyed about coming here, I loved see all my friends together like this. The only time we ever hang out is when the world's in danger of ending. Heck, if Babidi hadn't tried to resurrect Majin Buu, I probably wouldn't have seen Kaioshin again. "Well first of all, as you can see, Kibito and I are separated, which should be impossible." They fused together using the petara earrings, which should be permanent. Goku and Vegeta used them to fuse once, but were separated when they were inside Super Buu. "Any idea how it happened?" He shook his head. "Elder Kai said there was someone on the planet while we were asleep. He said their energy felt very similar to a makaioshin's. When we woke up we were separated." "Did Elder Kai not see who it was?" I asked, he seemed to know everything that was going on in the universe. "No, he said they came and left too quickly for him to discover who it was. Also, there have been attacks on Other World." My eyes lit up. 'By who?' "Demons." He answered. "Apparently there is a hole of some sort in Demon Realm, and they're getting out." He continued. 'This is going exactly where I think it is isn't it?' "We want you to go see if you could do something." 'Dammit!' "Why me?" I asked. "We were hoping you could talk to them; see why they have been attacking." Dende replied. I sighed, "Alright, I will." "The attacks happened on a daily bases, but now they haven't attacked in 3 whole days. We're going to wait and see if they stopped altogether." Kaioshin said. "Have they killed anyone?" "No, fortunately." He answered. "Shouldn't you try to go after the ones that attacked?" Gohan asked. "That's another weird thing, the demons that don't get killed, drop dead. For apparent reason." 'What?' "What do you mean? How did they die?" Goku asked, raising his eyebrow. "They must have looked at Kibito's face, poor things." "That's not funny, Caspiel." "Oh, yes it is." I said between quiet chuckles. "Anyway," Kaioshin continued, "They just start falling apart, all around the same time…" I stopped paying attention. I still had my ear buds in, so I just reached down and turned my iPod back on. Take a wild guess at which song starts playing, "Eat you Alive." I didn't go to the next song like I should have. I really did like this song. I started thinking about my dream, completely forgetting that my dear friend could read minds…

"Caspiel?" Kiaoshin said. I quickly turned off my iPod, "Y-ya?" Did he see what I was thinking? I could feel my cheeks grow hot. "Are you even listening?" "Y-ya, of course I'm listening." He raised an eyebrow; he then turned back to the rest to explain something else to them. 'Thank goodness he didn't read my mind.' I sighed in relief and ran my hand through my short black hair. "…So that means I'll be staying here on earth for a week…" My eyes widened and I had to fight back a smile. That will give us to catch up, and give me opportunity to tell him how I feel… If I can work up the nerve. "Where are you going to stay?" Gohan asked. "Here would be just fine." He answered. The lookout did have beds, very nice ones at that. Ironically, Kaioshinkai doesn't have any beds to speak of. "Instead of sending Caspiel to talk to these demons, why don't we just blow the place up?" Vegeta asked. "Do you have any idea how many were talking about, Vegeta?" Kaioshin asked him. I started to look around. If Kaioshin was here, where was Old Kai?

I saw him sitting underneath one of the palm trees reading a comic book. I wandered over and leaned on the palm tree he was sitting under, I looked down to see what he was reading. He didn't look up I knew he knew I was there. He seemed to know almost everything.

"Not gonna say hello, Chuckles?" He shot me an irritated look. "What?" I asked, putting my hands up in defense. "That's rather condescending you know." He said. "Condescending? Me? Never!" I smiled sarcastically. "You should show me a bit more respect," He dropped his voice, "or else I'll tell everyone about that little private dream you had." Crap, he knew. "Oh, so now you're blackmailing me? I didn't think a perfect and righteous Kaioshin would stoop to that." "I never thought a demon would have a crush on a Kaioshin, but this millennia is full of surprises." "You wouldn't dare." I glared at him. "Oh ya? Hey, K-" I grabbed his comic book and threw it as hard as I could off the lookout. "What th-! Woman!" He stood up, and put his fists up like he wanted to fight. "You wanna dance, old man?" My smile never left my face. Old Kai noticed the attention we attracted and sat back down. He summoned his book back in front of himself, same page and everything. I turned and saw everyone staring at me and the old god. "What?" I asked shrugging. Gohan raised an eyebrow, Goku smiled and rubbed the back of his head, Kibito had the same impatient look he always had, and Kaioshin rolled his eyes and smiled at me. "I'd better get going before Chi-Chi starts to worry. Come on, Gohan."

Everyone said their goodbyes as Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta left the lookout, and everyone else excluding me and Old Kai went elsewhere on the lookout. I sat down with my legs crossed. "Hey, chuckles, can I ask you something?" "Not if you keep calling me Chuckles." "Too bad, I'm asking anyway. Does Kaioshin ever talk about me?" His eyes stayed glued on the book. "Most of the times we talk is when I'm teaching him, but other than that, no not really." My heart sank a bit. "Well does he ever think about me?" He glanced up at me. "Why don't you ask him yourself?" I looked down, "I'm afraid of what he might say…" He raised his eyebrow, "Considering all the scraps with death you've had, it's kinda ironic that you're afraid of rejection." "I don't want to muck up our friendship." "It doesn't have to." He said. I shifted a bit so I was facing him more. "Explain." "You don't have to declare your undying love to him, just ask him what he thinks of you, just beat around the bush. He's too naïve to follow, so there's no harm done." "Problem is, I'm not very good at being discreet, and he can read my mind." Suddenly, a necklace appeared and Old Kai caught it in his hand. "Here, this should stop that." I took it, the necklace had a black leather rope, and the pendant was a silver colored ring with an aquamarine crystal in the middle. "Really? And I can have this? You want nothing in return?" "Some peace and quiet would be nice." "Oh, got it. Thanks. But, if this keeps him from reading my mind, won't he question it?" "Just shrug and play stupid. Girls are good at doing that." I slipped it on; I hope he wasn't tricking me. I pictured Chi-Chi and Bulma making out to see if he could read my mind. His facial expression didn't change a bit. "Huh, it must work." I said, standing up. "See ya, Chuckles. Thanks again!"

I walked down one of the walkways on the outside of the lookout, and up a winding staircase. I knew exactly where Kaioshin was at because of his energy signature, but I didn't want to go straight to him because I wanted to think of something to talk about. We haven't talked in millions of years; we've both changed so much… This didn't use to be so darn complicated; we could just sit and talk for hours. Why is it so hard now? Then an idea struck me. I could tell about my sword, "The Sword of Deals" I called it. I never use it that much, only summoning it when I really needed it. It was a weapon of mass destruction; it caused death, madness, and sorrow to those around it. I've spent the 5 million years I've been on Earth studying it. The sword draws on the wielder's strength and sanity, how much depends on how strong you want the sword to be. I found the sword on a planet in Demon Realm, surrounded by broken buildings and corpses, one still clinging to the handle. The sword once cost me my sanity, and ultimately my life. I was fighting Majin Buu; I thought Buu was Dai Kaioshin, coming to help me… Then he turned me into candy. That was the first time I died. Most people would get rid of the sword after that, but I was already half insane by that point anyway. I played a big part in creating Buu, after Babidi told me he killed Kaioshin, Vegeta, and Gohan, I went ballistic. It was my fault, I thought, it still is partly my fault.

I used the sword to travel to different planets and dimensions; it slices the air, creating a tear between where I was and the place I want to go. I haven't figured out what the price for that was, if there was one at all. I use it travel to a forgotten planet in other world, it had a huge library, it contained books on the history of Other World, Lower World, and even Demon Realm. I've spent days there. Maybe I could show him that, he'd definitely be interested. I found the planet after Kaioshin rescued me, after I met the other 4 Kaioshins.


I was too exhausted to open my eyes, so I wasn't sure whom Kaioshin was talking to. "Please, c-could you help her?" He begged somebody. They didn't answer. "Who is that?" A girl asked. "Why did you bring here?" A man with a voice deeper than Kaioshins asked. "Isn't she a Makaioshin?" Another man asked. "S-she's only half!" He said, sounding desperate. Why did he want to save me so bad? "Please, you're the only one who can save her." His begging was met with silence, or so I thought. He laid me down on my back on the ground, which was covered in grass. I haven't felt grass in ages. I used what little strength I had to grip it in my hand, which was getting very cold. "Where did you find her? How did she get like this?" The girl asked. "Her father tried to kill her." My friend answered. I suddenly felt a large hand on my stomach, and from it traveled a warm energy that soon filled my whole body.

My eyes flashed open, and I sat up. 'Where am I? Who else is here?' I wondered. I reached up and touched my neck, the blood was still there, but the gash was gone. It felt so good to breathe normally. I looked over to my right and saw Kaioshin, and then I looked to my left and saw the guy who healed me. 'Wow.' I thought. He was not only big in size, but also power. It was a lot more than even father had, and he was the strongest man I had ever met. He was smiling at me, his eyes barely opened. I swallowed hard, and started to shake. I looked and saw the other 3, one was a short, mustachioed man, he was scratching his chin, a much taller man stood next to him, arms crossed. I also saw a woman, she was smiling, so I smiled back. "Can she speak?" She asked, not taking her eyes off me. "Uhhh, ya? Oh, sorry!" I turned to my healer, and said, "Thank you, uh, sir. Who are you, anyway?" "He's Dai Kaioshin." Kaioshin explained. "And I'm West Kaioshin; the others are North, South, and East." The girl said, pointing to the other correspondingly. 'So, he's East Kaioshin?' I thought looking at my friend. 'That must get confusing.' "So, you're the big cheese of the universe?" "Caspiel!" East Kaioshin hissed. Dai Kaioshin simply chuckled. I looked around and saw that the sky was filled with moons. The place was beautiful. My friend told me about this place, but words couldn't do it justice. "So, this is Kaioshinkai, I take it?" I asked, standing up. "Yes, it is." West Kaioshin answered. "It's beautiful." I said, looking at the rolling hills, and lakes. "Hey, didn't you say she was only half Makaioshin? How is that possible?" South Kaioshin asked. He and my friend had a quick silent exchange of words; I guess they were using telepathy. "So, you're Dabura's daughter." North Kaioshin said. "What are you going to do now?" North Kaioshin asked. I shrugged, "I don't know. I can't go back, obviously." 'I could go back to mother's planet, but there wouldn't be much point anyway. Where would I go?' "Why don't you stay here?" Dai Kaioshin spoke for the first time since I'd been there. "What?" North and South Kaioshin asked in unison. "I don't see anything wrong with that. She doesn't act like her father, and deep down she's a Shin-Jin." West Kai said, smiling. "Well, maybe not on our planet, but definitely in Other World."

"No." I said, bluntly. They looked confused at my rejection. "Why not?" West Kaioshin asked. "Just…No." I bowed to Dai Kaioshin, "Thank you for healing me. If there's ever anything I can do for you, just let me know." I took off into the sky. I had no idea where I would go, maybe Lower Realm?" I summoned my sword once I got out of sight of that planet, but then I felt an energy coming up to me fast. "Caspiel!" Kaioshin shouted to get my attention. "Why don't you want to stay?" I just gave him a nasty glare. "What did I do?" He asked "You know, for someone who can read minds, you are pretty stupid sometimes." He furrowed his eyebrows at me, "I don't get it, I thought I saved your life, I-" "Why?" I cut him off. "You're my friend. Why wouldn't I?" "I don't have a place to live now, Kaioshin." "We just offered you one! Why didn't you take it?" "I don't want anybody's pity. Not from you, not from the overseer of the universe." "So, me saving your life is pity?" He said sarcastically. "No, but dragging me home like a sick little animal is. It's humiliating!" "You're not an animal, Caspiel." He said, losing his patience. "I am compared to your kind."

I started to fly off again, he followed close behind. "Are you following me?" "Yes." "You don't have to; I'm perfectly able to take care of myself." "I know, I just-" I stopped suddenly and turned around, "You don't think I can, do you! I don't need you, got it?" He backed off a bit. "That's not why I'm coming with you." "Then why?" Why else would you follow me around?" He bit his lip, then suddenly turned from me. I always thought he looked adorable, when he acted sheepish. "I…Just…" I swore I heard his voice break. I was being incredible cruel to my friend, my only friend. I gently wrapped my arms around him and rested my head on his shoulder. He turned his face away from mine.

"Thank you for saving me, I would never have asked you to do that, but you did. I can't stay here, because I need to find my own way. You need to stay here though; it's your place, your home." I let him go. "I'll see you later." I flew off before he could say goodbye.


I leaned up against the railing, looking down over the world below. Maybe I shouldn't even try, we may just be better off as friends… If he still considered me his friend. "Hey, Caspiel." A voice jerked me from my thoughts. I turned around, "Hey," It was Kaioshin. "How are you?" "Well, I'm being kept out of my home by demons who haven't attacked in three whole days, but other than that, just fine. How have you been the past 5 million years?" "But, we just saw each other 4 years ago at that thing…" "I didn't ask you how you were though." "True. Well, let's see. Aside from everyone who's tried to kill me, my friends, or destroy the planet, things have been going okay." "So, do you regret leaving Other World?" He asked, smiling. 'Is this a trick question?' "No," I scoffed, "I'd be bored to tears over there. I don't see how you stand it without anything to do." "Well, I don't see how you keep up with those friends of yours." "I don't know what I'd do without them." It wouldn't be too much longer before they died. Maybe I would move to Other World when that happens. A frustrated look came over his face. "What is it?" I asked him, already knowing the answer. "It's just…Nothing, never mind." He couldn't read my mind. 'Can't read my mind, can ya, dork?' No reaction. "Awesome." "What's awesome?" "Oh, nothing. Don't worry about it." Most people wouldn't get excited about having their thoughts finally be private, but I thought it was the coolest thing since gummy bears at that moment. "Oh, before I forget, there's something I wanted to show you." I summoned my sword, and quickly cut a tear through the dimension. Kaioshin's eyes widened, "How did you... Where did you get that?" "I tell you in a minute, now hurry before it closes." He walked in, and jumped in behind him. I dismissed the sword right after. We were at the old library that I found so long ago. I had taken a few books to my house, but there were many more. I've spent days here, no food or sleep. Learning was to me what training was to Vegeta. You might not think that, considering my attitude and love for pop culture.

"Where are we?" He asked, looking around. "Other World, I found this place right after… Well, I thought you might what to see it." I found it right after I came to earth. Which was right after he found out I had helped create Majin Buu, and was Bibidi's apprentice. I didn't want to remind him of that. It was huge, with large crystal columns, and the bookshelves went to the ceiling. It contained knowledge of old power, techniques, magic, and almost anything I could think of. I'm not sure how old this place was, definitely older than Old Kai. Every time I thought I knew how old it was, I found something that proved it was older. My friend's eyes were wide with wonder, just as I was when I found this place, maybe more so. I came here every few years, and stay a few days, choosing new books to read. I never told any of my friends of this place. It was my own private place. He hovered until he could see over the entire place, then flew off in one direction. I walked behind him. 'What did he find?' He landed in front of a shelf and pulled off one of the books. It was one of the many books on Kaioshins, this one pacifically talks about their abilities, and powers. I had read it before and put it back. "You found that fast, maybe I should I bring you the next time I go looking for truffles." He ignored me and carried the book over to the table, opened it and sat down; his eyes ran eagerly over the pages. I looked for a book myself. I had read a lot of them, but not many on the higher shelves… I flew up and scanned the books, one was on magic spells. I hadn't been practicing my magic much since Bibidi died. I grabbed it and flew down to same table Kaioshin was. He was already a few chapters over. He was a fast reader. I opened my book, flipping through, seeing if anything caught my eye. I looked back at the table of contents,

1. Healing spells

2. Telekinesis

3. Curses

4. Love spells
      a. Lust spells

5. Slow Killing spells

6. Instant death spells

7. Mind control

'Wow, this would make my old master giddy…' "Hmm." 'Love spells… That could be useful, especially if you don't love me back…No, no that's wrong.' Still, I flipped to the page and read over it. The subsection "Lust spells" seemed less manipulative, it would be what humans do with alcohol, except he'd be able to stay awake all night…Wait, what the hell is wrong with me? I turned to the "Healing spells" section, but not before I memorized the love and lust spells.

We stayed for hours, I looked at different books on Magic, and he stayed on the topic of his race. I checked my IPod; 5:00 pm. "Maybe we should head back." He looked up, "Why?" He asked. "Nobody seems to notice when I disappear for days, but if you go missing, holy hell. Besides, I don't want Kibito finding out about this place so, don't tell him, okay?" "But…" "It's the place I go to be alone. I'd like it stay a secret." I know I lived alone, but to be so far away from everyone else… "Alright, I'll keep it secret. But how do I get back here?" I rolled my eyes, "Well, I guess you'll just have to ask me." I smiled at him, and he returned the smile. "Well, we should go before anyone comes looking for you." "Doesn't anyone wonder where you're at?" I thought for moment, "Nope, I'm gone for days at a time, and when I return nobody seems to notice." I summoned my sword, and cut through the dimension. "Come on, let's go." He went through, and I followed.
The story's kinda boring right now, but it will get more exciting later on. Also, GA is short for Gardian Angle.(text limit)

Crystalblackwolf Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Finally I got some time to read your fanfiction (:
It was really interessting and I enjoyed reading this chapter.

I love the reactions of Old Kai *giggles* I wonder why he didn't read a dirty magazine...
Poor Kaioshin can't read any longer Caspiel's mind. xD
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Glad you liked it, I do like writing stuff with Old Kai, his personality is fun to work with. :)
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